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A little bit more about how we started and what we offer

Udaya was born whilst taking in the sunrise on the horizon of the salty blue waves down in Eastern Australia. The rising sun is a timeless staple of symbolism, from ancient times to now, carrying promises to those who take it in. It symbolises  presence, vitality, life-force, renewal, growth, change, source, empowerment, and divinity. Udaya is a Sanskrit, ancient Indian-European language, word for the rising sun, and so from the powerful symbolism of the rising sun Udaya Retreats was born.

Udaya Retreats alchemises holistic and ceremonial modalities to offer a journey or grounding, enlivening, and expansion. Here are some of the magical elements offered on retreats:

  • Yoga: Embodied Yoga Flows, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra

  • Meditation: Guided explorations of different types of meditation 

  • Breathwork: Conscious Connected Energy Breathing

  • Ceremonies: Plant Medicine (Cacao), Fire Dancing

  • Moon Ceremonies: Letting Go & Intention Setting

  • Kirtan: Guided singing ceremonies

  • Dance celebrations and free movement

  • Workshops: Manifesting, Art Expression, Vocal freedom, Partner work

  • Farm to table meals

  • Optional Massages: Restorative, Bodywork, Remedial, Pregnancy

Udaya Retreats understands that we all retreat for different reasons, and it's our hope to empower you as your own best healer and leave the retreat feeling a refreshed vibrancy to confidently walk your path and radiate your light.

Udaya, the rising sun, is a representation of transformation, promise, and change. It's our hope to raise the vibrations of the collective by helping people feel liberated, connected, and at fully whole.

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