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Events & Gatherings

This monthly workshop incorporates Cacao or Tea, Rebirthing Breathwork, and Sound Healing. This is an activating and empowering workshop about expansion. Learn to breathe your own medicine and release any blockages in the light of love through a deep Breathwork experience. 


We host quarterly Multisensory Minifests that infuse Music, Movement, Breathwork, Visuals, Art, Sound Healing, Cacao, Tea, & more to bring  in those high vibes and a whole lot of fun. Check out our Alive Tribe Vibes IG to find out about the next one.


Community is everything. Whether you are a teacher, healer, artist, musician, photographer, building your brand, or have another special skill, get in touch and we would love to see how we can co-create or support each other.


This workshop invites us to connect with other women and feel expansive in breath as you are taken through Wild Love Breathwork experience that invites you to connect into your free expression, movement, and voice as you let your orgasmic energy open you up and release any blockages to expand into joy and freedom.


We love being a part of your special event and are happy to help you create a magical experience. Whether you are in the corporate space, community space, or planning a special day with your friends, we would love to be a part. Get in touch, and let's create some magic!


Udaya Collective & Festivals

Sharing at festivals is one of our absolute favourites! We are lining up festivals in 2023. Udaya Collective is about community coming together to connect, move, and grow. Sign up our mailing list or join our Facebook Community to find out about the next one.

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