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Bess and Destiny path's have been divinely woven together through many precious moments of learning, healing, serving, and the pursuit of their deepest dreams. 

They met in 2018 while embarking on their 200 hour yoga teacher training and had an instant connection. They spoke of their dreams to volunteer to teach yoga to people in need through charity work, and they shared a passion for creating opportunities for connection, healing, transformation, and empowerment. They came back into their own full wholeness through movement, sound, breathwork, rituals and connection. Their own powerful journeys planted the seeds to spread the love and bring people together to live a more awakened and empowered life - to feel the fullness of life - to take in the rising sun each day and create the life of your dreams.

Udaya is a Sanskrit word for the rising sun. It is a representation of transformation, promise, and change. It's our hope to raise the vibrations of the collective by helping people feel liberated, connected, and at fully whole.

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Udaya Retreats are something incredibly special. Destiny and Bess co-create such a sacred container where you’re free to express, be heard and seen, and to show up exactly how you are. The woman I met there have become life long sisters and it was so amazing to be held in such strong feminine energy the whole weekend. The accommodation and food was so cozy and such a perfect compliment to the theme of tuning inward. I went into that weekend battling a lot of things in my mind and it was an incredible reset for me. I left with my cup so full of love. Highly recommend their retreats for anyone who is on low battery and needs a recharge.

Jourdi Bleu

I had such a profound experience at Destiny & Bess' Rebirth event that left me feeling on a high for days. Every element of the event came together so beautifully - from the sweet smell of sage burning, ambient space, delicious cacao, carefully curated music, sound healing and soothing words spoken by Destiny and Bess to fully deepen us into the experience. They created such a safe space for us to truly let go and connect with community on a soulful level. Such a divine evening and I can't wait to see what other events are in store, because they're truly special.

Kate Baddeley

Beautiful retreat facilitated by such amazing ladies. Bess, Destiny and Jess are very talented. It really helped me to connect to myself. The yoga, sound healing and the breath work was incredible.

Jessica Conroy

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